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We have submitted our response to the the Children's Committee of the Assembly in respect of their investigation of Cafcass Cymru.

The Consultation response can be found in the Documents section of our website.

We have asked the Comittee Chair Chrsitine Chapman AM to allow us to appear before the Committee to give oral evidence.




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Lib Dems lead the way with father inclusive policies

IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION – 30/8/14                           


Lib Dem Minister for Equalities and Women Jo Swinson MP has
announced plans for tangible changes to support the role of fathers by
extending the right to paternity leave from two to six weeks stating :

"When parents share caring responsibilities, more equality in the
workplace will follow."

Welcoming the move by the Lib Dems, Paul Apreda, National
Manager for FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru said

‘We’ve been grateful for the support of Lib Dems in Wales for these
sorts of policies that tackle the widespread exclusion of fathers from the
lives of children. We can now see how the party is translating words into

This contrasts dramatically with the policies of Welsh Labour who are
about to release new Parenting Guidance in Wales full of 'warm words' but
containing no practical proposals whatever to tackle the widespread exclusion
and marginalisation of fathers

Ms Swinson said it was "nonsense" to believe
mothers should be left to care for children alone.

She added: "Most
dads want to spend more time with their new baby, but can sometimes be
discouraged by outdated ideas and cultural barriers in the workplace.”

The charity is currently gathering signatures for a Petition
to the Assembly committee headed by Lib Dem AM William Powell to call on the Welsh
Government to do more to tackle the huge problem of ‘disposable dads’ who are
ignored or marginalised by statutory services.  

‘We have set out a 6
point plan which includes support for dads to be encouraged to play a muh more
hands on role – allowing more women to return to work which should help create
a more equal society both in the home and in the workplace. Currently the Welsh
Government has no idea how effective the services they fund are in working with
men as they refuse to even record the gender of the parents engaged’
. Said Paul


FNF Both Parents Matter is a Wales based registered charity
that supports parents and grandparents irrespective of gender who face child
contact problems.


The charity is a member of the independent advice providers
forum Advice UK and its work has been recognised by the Department for Work
& Pensions with the quality mark for Help & Support for Separated

Media enquiries to

Paul Apreda, National Manager   07947135864

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Response to Centre for Social Justice's report on lone parents So mum, why don't I have a daddy?



Father’s Day is almost with us. The marketing machine drives forward the card, mug and tee-shirt industry’s push for sales of ‘No.1 Dad’ merchandise. But a report (1) from the Centre for Social Justice highlights that for the majority of children in parts of the Welsh capital they’re wasting their efforts.  

The report shows that 62% of households in the Trowbridge area of Cardiff are headed by a lone parent. That puts the area in the Top 20 of the highest rates for single households in England and Wales.



When you look at single mother households across England and Wales Trowbridge jumps to number 7 with a staggering 59% figure, and is joined in the Top 10 by Ely with the same percentage showing - that a clear majority of children in these deprived areas lack the influence of a male role model - let alone their natural father - in their lives.

Cardiff Council’s Green Paper on Building Communities (2) also shows that in the east of the city – where Trowbridge is located - ‘parents not taking responsibility for their children’ was seen as the biggest problem in their local area with a staggering 60.5% of respondents to a survey identifying it as their number one issue – higher than vandalism or littering. It’s hard to see that the statistics on single parent households and parents not taking responsibility for their children aren’t linked in some way.

National Manager for the charity FNF Both Parents Matter,
Paul Apreda said:

‘We have been highlighting the importance of support for both parents to remain involved and engaged in the lives of their children to both the Council in Cardiff
and the Welsh Government. The Welsh Government have a legal duty to support BOTH parents in their child raising obligations.(3)

We are working with the Welsh Government to map the existing participation and engagement of fathers in parenting support programmes across Wales, but from existing data we know that much more needs to be done to support fathers. Only two years ago Children in Wales highlighted to the Assembly’s Children’s Committee the lack of engagement with fathers.(4)

In Cardiff the flagship early years initiative Flying Start stated that only 1 parent in
20 that they worked with was a dad. Other children’s charities such as Barnardos and Action for Children also recognise the lack of engagement with fathers. We are certain that the new Parenting Strategy being developed by the Welsh Government will put measures in place to protect the right of the child to contact with both parents.





         – Articles 9 and 18 in particular

         - paragraphs 37 & 38, 41 & 42

PAUL APREDA – FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru – 07947135864

Lammy Report Doing Family: Encouraging Active Fatherhood

David Lammy MP - who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on fathers has launched his submission to the Labour Party policy review on the role of fathers in modern society to coincide with Fathers Day June 2013
Lammy’s report, Doing Family: Encouraging Active Fatherhood, reveals how quickly attitudes to fatherhood have changed and highlights the gap between the way that families want to live their lives and the way that they are allowed to by government policies.
In Wales FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru is seeking to influence the development of a new parenting strategy by the Welsh Government to ensure that support for fathers is explicitly covered. Unlike the UK Govt there is a legal duty on Welsh Ministers to use their 'best efforts' to support BOTH parents in their child raising duties under Article 18 of the UNCRC.
'The experience of people across Wales who come to us for support has shown that there is still a very strong presumption that mothers are the only parent they need to engage with irrespective of whether the father lives with the children all the time or is only seeing them occassionally.' said Paul Apreda, National Manager of the charity.  'We recently undertook some research with schools in Cardiff on their engagement with fathers. One school we followed up said - 'Well not many of our children have fathers' which is evidently not biologically correct but is symptomatic of the malaise permeating work with parents across many areas. We hope that the new Parenting Strategy will address this issue.'   
But the problem is not simply confined to statutory services. In submissions to the Assembly's Children's committee in 2011 Barnardos Cymru stated:
‘I think that it would be the case for all organisations – not just speaking on behalf of Barnardo’s, but having heard what Action for Children and other organisations say – that we are still focused on Mothers predominantly.’
The Assembly's Childrens Committee recommended in its report to Welsh Government that engagement with fathers should be part of the core business of parenting support. So far nothing has been done to take up that recommendation.
FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru is launching an initiative this month to capture a picture of the engagement of fathers in parenting support programmes across Wales to establish a 'baseline' of participation. We are seeking to support the Welsh Government in their duty under the Children's Rights Measure 2011 to use their 'best efforts' to support BOTH parents. We are also working to establish a Cross Party Assembly Group on fathers and fatherhood to mirror the UK Parliament group chaired by David Lammy MP.
Details of David Lammy's initiative can be read on his website here:



The charity is currently undertaking research with Welsh Government support to establish a baseline of participation in Parenting Support Programmes and Family Support Services by ADULT Male Carers of children (fathers / step fathers / grandfathers etc) – irrespective of the relationship status with the mother of the child and whether they are resident or non-resident with the children for varying amounts of time.

We would greatly appreciate the help of family support services and parenting programme providers across Wales by following the link below to contribute to our research.">Click">">Click here to take survey

As we are seeking to map participation in mainstream services we are seeking data from Parenting programmes / services with universal access eg FAST / Strengthening Families etc through to preventative services targeting emerging need eg Families First. We are NOT seeking data from specialist services eg drug & alcohol / mental health / DV / disability etc at this time.

We are interested in data for the period 1/4/12 TO 31/3/13 only.

In addition to the Survey Monkey link we can send you a questionnaire directly by emailing

Thanks for your help


National Manager - FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru 


We've developed a simple 6 point action plan for Welsh Government which we'd like them to adopt for Fathers Day this year. Please let us know what you think - and whether you want any more information

• All WG funded programmes to record gender of parents / carers they work with
• Targets to increase participation of fathers and all other NRPs with WG services ...
• First Minister to make annual statement on the importance of fathers AND what the WG has done to help them in the past 12 months
• Encourage improved shared care of children to allow more parents (particularly single parents) to take up training or employment programmes
• Recognition of Parental Alienation as a form of emotional abuse of children
• Establish a work group under the Family Justice Network for Wales to co-ordinate improved collaboration for those organisations who have the DWP's Help & Support for Separated Families Mark in Wales

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