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In partnership with our sister charity Families Need Fathers we are launching an initiative to bring together research, knowledge and learning around the key issues in Family Justice. The concept is to create a 'go to' resource for anyone interested in the issues. We are creating Thematic Groups - each of which will have a specific area to examine. Examples include Parental Alienation, Child Maintenance, Shared Parenting and currently seven more. The research will be hosted on a new website provisionally entitled 'Family Law Research' - details of which will follow.

The success of this venture will depend on the active participation and collaboration of many volunteers from the UK and possibly abroad. A new website will be created as a focal point for the research. In the meantime this document explains the emerging thinking Thematic Groups brief

The charity has also produced original research on the following topics which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below

Welsh Dads survey 2017 (NEW)

Survey Report

Data Tables


Welsh Dads survey 2016

Survey Report

Data Tables


Proposal outline

Revised proposal Feb 2017


Response to draft Practice Direction 12J - Jan 2017


Research report for Family Justice Council about the experience of Litigants in Person - April 2017

FJC report

Welsh Government Fairer Futures division call for evidence on inequality in Wales - July 2016

Click here for report

Response to Welsh Assembly on priorities for Equalites Committee September 2016

Click here for report

Consultation response to Welsh Assembly Public Accounts Committee re Looked After Children - May 2017

Click here for response

Mapping Male Participation in Family Support services

Report from research involving 32 services and 169,000 parents and carers


Domestic Violence and Abuse

Evidencing Domestic Violence - Men, Legal Aid and family disputes summary 

Evidencing DV - main report

Consultation response to Welsh Assembly re Violence against Women Bill

September 2014 response

Consultation response on the National Strategy for Ending Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence

Official response submitted to Welsh Government - October 2016

Response to National Adviser

Focus Groups on Men & Equalities for Welsh Government -

Summer 2015

Report submitted to Welsh Govt Fairer Futures division


House of Commons Women & Equalities Committee - Inquiry into Fathers and the workplace - March 2017



Bach Commission on Access to Justice - Summer 2016

Charity's submission to the Commission


Welsh Dads Survey 2015

Full report 

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Help and support for separated families
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