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What is parental alienation and is it happening to my child? Follow this link to see Karen Woodall's video about Parental Alienation 



Sue Whitcombe has carried out research on Parental Alienation. She is based at Teesside university. Many of you have contributed to her research.


Click here for Dr Sue Whitcombe's report on her research on Parental Alienation July 2014


Click here for Sue Whitcombe's article in The Psychologist.

Letter from Sue Whitcombe giving an update on her research. July 2013 click here



As you can see from the links below, we are working hard to raise the issue of parental alienation as it is something many of the non-resident parents ( mums and dads) we help are experiencing in their children.  

The slides from Karen Woodall's talk Llandudno February 2013 & Cardiff November 2012 

Raising Awareness of Parental Alienation Wrexham Group for Bubbles of Love Day April 2013

Karen Woodall at Llandudno Junction Feb 2013 

News item about the Parental Alienation event in Cardiff 2012


Most normal lone parents will occasionally say bad things about the absent parent.

So if as a dad, your child tells you something like "mummy says you are a bad man" just ask the child quietly "do you think I am a bad man?"  And when the child thinks about it and says "No", just say "Mummy didn't really mean it."

However if every time you see your child, the child tells you more things that are unpleasant about you that mummy is telling him/her; or if your child starts to behave differently with you, and especially if your child's behaviour alters significantly towards you within hours of returning to mummy;  the child could well be undergoing systematic parental alienation by the other parent.




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