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The charity campaigns in Wales and with the UK authorities to ensure that children have the right to maintain direct contact and a meaningful relationship with both parents following divorce or separation, unless it would harm them. We believe that this is what's best for children, their parents and the wider family. 

FAMILY JUSTICE REFORM - battles in the Family Court often fail to solve the problems and actually make things worse. We have produced proposals for change.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - the experience of men as victims of abuse is poorly understood by Courts, professionals and even by men themselves. Strong action needs to be taken to tackle the epidemic of false allegations in the Courts - as well as the use of children as a weapon of coercive control mainly by women. We want our proposals for change to influence the UK Government's intended legislation announced in the 2017 Queen's Speech  

CHILD MAINTENANCE - Paying Parents on low incomes are being driven away from their children and even to suicide by the impossibility of making payments when they dont even earn enough to pay Income Tax. The CMS wastes millions of pounds and causes terrible harm by trying to collect a percentage of a Paying Parents income when that reaches just £5,200 a year. Read more about the issues here 


Big changes are happening in the background in Westminster.

A Green Paper (a Government consultation document) is being prepared in the Ministry of Justice that will change the way that Family Justice works. The Home Office is working on a Domestic Violence Bill that will also make changes to family justice. Meanwhile the Department for Work & Pensions carries on with the relentless pursuit of Paying Parents - many of whom simply cannot afford the Child Maintenance they are assessed to pay because their income is below the tax threshold of £11,500 per year.

Now is the time for YOU to be heard. 

If you want to make a difference for children and families in England and Wales please contact your MP - make an appointment to see them and tell them about your experiences. To make things easier we've created a Template Letter that you can use and adapt to raise the important issues with your MP. 

Dont forget - please let us know how you get on - AND - whether your MP agrees that BOTH PARENTS MATTER.

Paul Apreda, National Manager, FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru - August 2017

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