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There are many isssues that we would like to campaign about BUT our resources are very limited. You can help in a number of ways

  1. Write to and make an appointment to see your MP. Tell them about your experience and ask them to suppport one or more of our campaign aims. 
  2. Donate money to the charity to help us campaign effectively (you can do that through our Home Page and our Virgin Money Giving page
  3. Get onto social media and support the charity's Facebook and Twitter accounts - Twitter - @fnf_bpm_cymru / Facebook - search for FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru 

Here are our current campaigning objectives

FAMILY JUSTICE REFORM - a rebuttable presumption of equal shared care. Read our Top 10 Reasons document HERE 

We also commissioned YouGov to survey 2000 people across the UK (jUE 2019) on the matter of legislation for equal shared parenting. The survey showed that 82% of respondents supported a legislative presumption of roughly equal shared care. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - here are our proposals for change. We want to see a separate pathway & strategy for male victims of abuse, amendment to s76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015 to extend the criminal offence of coercive and controlling behaviour to those adults who are no longer living together.

CHILD MAINTENANCE - Paying Parents on low incomes are being driven away from their children and even to suicide by the impossibility of making payments when they dont even earn enough to pay Income Tax. The CMS wastes millions of pounds and causes terrible harm by trying to collect a percentage of a Paying Parents income when that reaches just £5,200 a year. Read more about the issues here 


Big changes are happening in the background in Westminster. An inquiry into safeguarding in the Family Courts has been announced. It includes feminist academics and the acting CEO of Women's Aid. It has no representation from Wales nor any from organisations such as ours who primarily represent the perspective of fathers and of men experiencing domestic violence. 

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MP AND ASK THEM TO RAISE A QUESTION WITH THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE - HERE is a document that you could send to your MP setting out the issues

Dont forget - please let us know how you get on - AND - whether your MP agrees that BOTH PARENTS MATTER.

If you want to talk with us about lobbying and campaigning please email

Paul Apreda, National Manager, FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru 

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