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Finding a mediator and what next

Before you can apply to the court, you must have tried mediation. There are a few exceptions and there is a set of questions on the C100 form which you have to answer if you are applying to the court without going through mediation. The questions are in Section 13, we have shown you the start of this section.

We definitely recommend you try mediation. Your first step is to find a mediator.
Finding a Mediator
There are several ways you can do this.
1. The Judicary tend to recommend the Family Mediation Council at 

2. The National Family Mediation service is a not for profit organisation. Their focus is on the children and improving communication between the separated couple. 
If you click on here  you will find a referral form for you to fill in.If you click here, you will go to a page where you can type your post code and your nearest affliated mediator to the National Family Mediation service.
3.There is a web site funded by the Ministry of Justice to enable you to find a mediator.
4. You will also want to know what happens in mediation and this site from the Family Mediators Association will give you a lot of information.  At time of updating this page, the link from Family Mediators Association to help you find a mediator wasn't available. We will put the link here, as soon as we are told it is back up :- )
Unless you meet the criteria for not using mediation, until you have exhausted the mediation route, you can't move to applying to the courts. This wasn't always the case but the government would far rather child access be sorted out in an amicable way.
You'll find the bit about Mediation on Page 4 of the C100 form as shown below

As a charity, although we will tell you what we know about the court system, we would always tell you that we would far rather all contact issues be sorted out amicably. If you have hit problems with access and you and your ex can meet with a mediator and find a good parenting plan for your child/ren that is miles better than going to court to solve the problem.

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