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Press Release about Lib Dems plans to extend paternity leave click here 

Press Release re  Lessons from Rotherham  Excluding Dads- A Disaster Waiting to Happen in Wales?  Click here

Changes to Family Law start April 22nd. For more information click here.




Rickshaw Run Chris Wildee takes our logo around India in April!




Eluned Parrott AM joined the Cardiff support meeting on April 1st. She sat and listened to the cases of the parents and grandparents who had come to the meeting.

Sadly she told us that although we probably expected her to be shocked, the stories she was hearing were similar to ones she encountered as an AM.

At the end of the evening she summed up from the notes she had made. She had picked up the salient issues and difficulties that the non-resident parent and the grandparent encounters and she promised she would do her best to help make things fairer so that more children can grow up knowing that both their parents love them.


Thank you for coming along Eluned, it meant a lot to us. Thank you very, very much.

BBC 5 Live - Men's Hour, went out Sunday 30th March 9pm. The topic was shared parenting. One of our branch attendees David Atkinson was on the programme.

Ian Smith Running the Half Marathon at Chester May 18th  for the Charity



Professor Gordon Harold will join our Fathers' Day event at the Senedd on June 10th, "What dad means to children"




2013 Some of the things we did below


County Councillor Siobhan Corria visits our meeting in Cardiff


Skype used to link Blackwood and Bangor meetings to pro-bono expertise 


President of Family Division of the High Court calls for more transparency in courts.


Court system violated father's rights.


Family support survey in Wales 2013. Is Wales reaching dads?


Letter in Sunday Times July 14th 2013


Dinner with Louis de Bernieres in Cardiff June 14th 2013


Response to report on Lone Parents from the Centre for Social Justice June 2103


Raising Awareness about Parental Alienation Walk April 28th 2013 


Lord McNally’s Local Family Justice Board speech 24th April 2013


FNF Scotland raises issue of Bedroom Tax affecting separated parents.


Parental Alienation talk in Welsh Government buildings at Llandudno Junction.


Public law training by Matthew Body on February 27

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