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Family Court without a Lawyer December 13th 10 am to 4pm Cardiff
This is a FREE training course for anybody who thinks they may need to represent themselves in Court. It is also useful to those volunteers for the charity who want to get 'up to speed' with the changes brought in by the Children & Families Act 2014. Finally it is suitable for any support staff eg mental health advocates / housing tenancy support - who help clients faced by these issues.
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 Are you a parent or grandparent who is being excluded from the lives of the children you care about? Are you worried that your child's right to a relationship with you and your family might be blocked?
This training will be run by qualified family law professionals and will take you through the early stages of family court disputes ending in a role play session of the First Directions Hearing in the Family Court before Magistrates.
It is designed to help those who are considering making applications to the Family Court or are already in the early stages of doing so by going through the key issues and providing an 'Outcomes' focus.  Topics covered will include:
  • ‘I’M THINKING OF SPLITTING FROM MY PARTNER ‘ – what do you need to know and do to protect your children.
  • DEALING WITH CAFCASS CYMRU – who are they / what do they do / how to successfully engage with them
  • MEDIATION– what is it & why do you need to know about it?
  • MAKING APPLICATIONS TO THE FAMILY COURT – filling out the C100 & other forms
  • PREPARING FOR THE FIRST DIRECTIONS HEARING – including a role play session of the hearing before Magistrates.
The course will be held at

Life for African Mothers offices
3rd Floor, Linden Court,
The Orchards, Ilex Close, Llanishen
CF14 5DZ Cardiff

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"What dad means to me"
This was the title of the last event we held which was on June 10th at Conference Room 24, Ty Hywel, Cardiff Bay at 6:30 pm

Professor Gordon Harold  and David Lammy MP were the guest speakers. Professor Harold  presented his  research on the difference a father makes to a child. David Lammy who is Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fatherhood and is passionate on the need for children to have fathers involved in their lives spoke about how we need to engage men with their children. 
The event was  co-hosted by Mark Isherwood AM and Eluned Parrott AM

There was a display of children's work on the theme "What does the word dad mean to you?" Here are some of their drawings. We will try to upload more :- )
The event was very well attended. We have uploaded Professor Gordon Harold's Powerpoint for you to read here. The final slide shows the bottom line and it is a very powerful message stressing the positive effects a good father-child relationship has on the child.

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