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Many parents and often teachers don't realise how much parents should be involved in their child's education. Click here for a condensed guide.

The Welsh Government has a very clear policy on  Parents and Parents Responsibility   Fersiwn yn y Gymraeg


Teachers if you want more details that you could use for an INSET day, we have a Schools Guide here Cardiff Council gave us a grant which enabled us to produce this document and we are very, very grateful to them

The Welsh version is not yet ready. We are working on getting it translated at present.


Are there any effects on a child if there is no father in his/her life? Research by Edward Kruk University of British Columbia Dec 2008 "Child custody, access and parental responsiblity" gave the following figures 85% of youth in prison are fatherless; 71% of high school dropouts are fatherless; 90% of runaway children are fatherless.  Click here for the report

Does a lack of a parent affect academic performance? In studies involving over 25,000 children using nationally representative data sets, children who lived with only one parent had lower grade point averages, lower college aspirations, poor attendance records, and higher drop out rates than students who lived with both parents.

Source: McLanahan, Sara and Gary Sandefur. Growing up with a Single Parent: What Hurts, What Helps. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1994.

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