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About Us

We are a registered charity set up to help separated parents in Wales keep in contact with their children because we believe that both parents matter. We believe every child should grow up knowing they are loved and wanted by both their parents.

We know research shows that children thrive better if both their parents play a meaningful role in the children's lives.

To recognise our commitment to shared parenting and to reflect the growing numbers of women who are becoming non-resident parents we changed our name to Families Need Fathers Both Parents Matter Cymru, which is a bit of a mouthful, so we are using FNFBPM Cymru when we talk about the charity.

We are currently campaigning for two key objectives:

The presumption of shared parenting

The adoption of a Fatherhood initiative for Wales.

With the help of volunteers; branches are run to help any parent or grandparent struggling to see a child because there has been a parental separation. Partners and other family members are welcome to attend too

Many of you will have experienced difficulty with reporting problems to the police, being involved in your children's education and your child's medical treatments. The law is very clear on these but we are constantly flagging up the problems you experience to the relevant authorities.

Many of you have found that your child is observed with the other parent and not with you and that the child is asked about their wishes in front of the other parent and not in front of you.  Many children are frightened to say they want to see the other parent because they don't want to upset or hurt the parent they live with. What grown-up would be brave enough to tell their host they want to stay somewhere else occasionally? We ask that a child should be observed with both parents and that it should be made clear to a child that it is safe to say they love both mummy and daddy.

Many of you will have experienced false allegations and have been forced to go through the courts to clear these allegations. We can tell you how to represent yourself if your funds do not stretch to pay for a solicitor.

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