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Please help us help you and fill in the Dads' survey for us if you are a dad!! 

Support Meetings across Wales



Splitting up?- Put kids first

Provided by OnePlusOne - this parenting plan will help you make child focussed arrangements

The Helpline

08456 00 44 4608456 00 44 46 

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Dads' Survey


We really need all dads to fill this one in ASAP.

That includes dads who do live with mum!

Please fill it in for us and use Facebook to point friends to this survey.


Choices range from thinking of separating to needing to go to court


Also Changes in Family Courts happening in April 2014

Details here

Going to Court

Link to C100 form, example of a filled in C100 form, how to file your paperwork and lots of information about Courts and being a Litigant in Person.


and link to Grandparents Forum

 Events Parental Alienation
McKenzie Friends  Contact Centres Education
Volunteers section Domestic Violence
Consultations CHARTER FOR ACTION Parental Responsibility
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Reports and Responses

includes our findings on Male participation in Family Support and Parenting Programmes in Wales 2014



Steparents Forum



Support Forum

These are fledgling forums



The charity provides information, support and advice to parents and grandparents facing child contact problems and is a member of the independent advice providers forum Advice UK.


We believe that Court should be the last option to resolve contact difficulties. If this is unavoidable, we recommend that you look at resources produced by HMCTS to help you understand the process. These can be found by clicking on Going to Court in the box above for more information. You will also find Form CB7 inside the HMCTS box within the Going to Court box. Form CB7 is very informative and clear.

There is also a document called Putting Your Children First by CAFCASS in England which is worth reading as soon as you start thinking of separating. 


Read more about: Administration, Court Support, Family Law, Legal Aid, Shared Parenting


Help and support for separated families



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